Brunch Review | Higher Ground Melbourne

Higher Ground is one of the newer brunch hangout additions in the line of succession following Melbourne’s highly acclaimed Top Paddock and Kettle Black cafes. Located on Little Bourke St, this glam cafe and restaurant (yes, it has a fully-fledged night menu on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights!) boasts a breathtaking interior and impressive food. … More Brunch Review | Higher Ground Melbourne

Christmas Shortbread

Legend has it that a person leaving a platter of cookies and milk by the fireplace will wake up on Christmas morning to find them consumed as an offering by Saint Nicholas. In fact the history of this long held tradition of leaving food by the chimney dates back further to the Great Depression and … More Christmas Shortbread

Mister and Miss cafe

This place opened just recently in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs and it encapsulates efficiency in a terrifyingly astonishing manner. Size-wise, the cafe is monstrous – I was taken aback within seconds of walking in. You really wouldn’t think so just by looking at the outside. How did such an earthly cafe come to possess its extraterrestrial TARDIS-like properties … More Mister and Miss cafe

Matcha french toast and ‘meeting’ Shannon Noll @ CommBall

Last week we went to Three Monkeys Place, a dainty cafe tucked within Jackson Court. I’d heard about this place before, but never got around to trying it before. It’s usually reasonably easy to find parking at JCourt, but you’d be surprised how lively the general vicinity was on a Saturday afternoon. We were seated in … More Matcha french toast and ‘meeting’ Shannon Noll @ CommBall