How to apply for study abroad | Application process + pre-departure

At some point during your degree or studies you may decide you want to travel around and get some worldly exposure. Going global and getting out of your comfort zone to experience a new country and surroundings first hand is a great way to enhance your education, expand your horizons and gain a competitive edge … More How to apply for study abroad | Application process + pre-departure

Brunch Review | Higher Ground Melbourne

Higher Ground is one of the newer brunch hangout additions in the line of succession following Melbourne’s highly acclaimed Top Paddock and Kettle Black cafes. Located on Little Bourke St, this glam cafe and restaurant (yes, it has a fully-fledged night menu on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights!) boasts a breathtaking interior and impressive food. … More Brunch Review | Higher Ground Melbourne

2017 Reading Challenge

A man’s word is his bond. We often overlook a big factor in goal setting that plays a massive part in determining success or failure – the big ‘A’ for accountability. By committing goals to writing and sharing these, it places some external pressure on the goal setter to execute the goals into action. Accountability is about saving … More 2017 Reading Challenge