The future of my blog

I’ve explained my absence from blogging in a recent post which you may or may not recall and want to seek out yourself. (This post is kind of going to be a sequel to my last post. If this isn’t your thing, then adieu! I’ll be back to writing usual posts soon.)

Naturally it got me thinking, if I was dissatisfied with the way I was blogging then, how should I approach blogging now and in the future?

I think it’s important to set aside time to think about future goals and set a new direction on the things I want to write more about. Without a clear vision, I’m likely to fall back into old habits and creating content that isn’t satisfying, that isn’t me.

Think of this as my brain rewiring itself. We are on the precipice of great change! This is exciting. This is a new beginning.

So, I’ve roughly narrowed it down to:

1. No more posting for the sake of it

This is the first thing I’m going to strive to do.  That is, stop feeling obligated to write regularly and for reasons such as that I feel bad that I’ve been absent. Nope! 

If I’m not feeling up to it, I’m not going to force myself to post something that isn’t up to standard. Blogging is my creative outlet, a hobby, a passion – and not a chore or obligation!

When I first started out blogging, I really, REALLY only wrote about things I wanted to cover. Issues, struggles and experiences that I could relate to and that meant a lot to me. I didn’t post regularly and I felt no obligation to.

Somewhere down the line, I began to lose track of things. I started feeling like I wasn’t doing things right and wasn’t good enough. I compared myself to other bloggers and tried to imitate a style that wasn’t my own. My passion faded out and I started feeling like I had to write something because I was:

a) letting myself down
b) letting my readers down
c) not being a proper blogger and stunting the growth of my blog

I wrote posts on things I couldn’t give a crap about and that weren’t truly ME. I’ve realised where I’ve gone wrong now and am scrambling to get back on track.

I’m going to write on topics that I actually care about – such as travel, food, being an exchange student, books and deep thoughts and life advice. I used to be self-conscious about not having a strictly defined niche, but now I realise that’s just another part of who I am. I don’t want to limit myself and the possibilities I have for creative expression. I don’t need to focus on only one niche – it’s not that I don’t belong properly anywhere and in any niche in the blogosphere, it’s moreso that I have a place, a belonging in all of them.

From now one, no more bullshit. Let’s cut the crap. I’m going to write for the enjoyment of it, not the sake of it!

2. Fewer posts, better quality content

Naturally, if I’m only going to be writing on topics that I truly feel passionate about, this is going to mean that I’m not going to be posting all too often. That being said, quality over quantity ALWAYS.

I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. If I try to rush and push myself too much I’ll lose sight of what is really important to me – which is to put out engaging, real, and passionate content – and lose the enjoyment of learning and experiencing the journey I’m on. Blogging is not a race. What’s the rush? I’m not competing with anyone but myself.

3. Honesty, honesty, HONESTY!

I’m not going to pretend to be okay if I’m not or to like something I don’t in any more of my writing. I’m not going to fake a smile and pretend I’m a stronger person that I really am. What’s the use? I’d rather be da REAL DEALI would take away so much more from the experience of blogging if I were authentic and honest with myself. My readers would be able to relate and take away so much more too.

I want to start putting in more research, more personality, more careful reflection and emotion into my writing, because to write any other way would not be me. I want to put something out there that I can be proud of, not something that is half-hearted and sloppy.

I don’t need perfect grammar, sentences, descriptions. I need to be more accepting of all sides of me. I need to be more accepting of myself and my writing. I’m going to do my best.



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