How I celebrated my 20th birthday

This post is pretty damn late. You may or may not notice, since I’ve tried to backdate it so it looks like I’m posting it much earlier than I really am. I’ve been a little MIA on my blog (a little is an understatement), due to exams and other commitments, but I’ve been meaning to put up a post along the lines of this since, well, forever ago. I also just noticed I haven’t written a diary like post for a long time, where I sit down and simply recount what happened that day, which is what I am aiming to do in this post. Sit back and relax and enjoy! 😀

My 20th birthday was certainly a memorable experience, because I got to share it with my closest friends and the people who have been there for me throughout my life. There were ups and downs along the way, and mind you not everything went as smoothly as planned, but I had a lovely time overall, filled with good food, company and lots of birthday surprises!

Several weeks prior to the day of the event, I had organised a Facebook event page to get a feel of the numbers for the day and what sort of activities the guests wanted to do and the times that suited them best. The evening was scheduled to begin at 5.30pm with bowling at Strike.

However, my friend Kim asked me to arrive earlier so we could catch up personally and do some shopping together. I waited for her under the clock at Melbourne Central (honestly I love MC so much haha) at around 4.30pm. (She came late of course, because well – that’s Kim for you – Kim if you’re ever reading this, please don’t kill me :p).

19427419_10211546985687880_563289379_n  Melbourne Central Clock Tower

The thing was, we didn’t go ‘shopping’ and ‘chill’. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged into a booth at Shu Umera in David Jones and told I was getting a complete makeover. Really, I should have known haha. It turns out that Kim and Connie had been planning for me to get a makeover all along as a birthday surprise on the day. Last year they brought me to a hair salon, telling me I was really going to ‘see a Taiwanese rom com in Chinatown’, and I got my hair dyed caramel brown (the roots are still growing out, but I’m keeping it because I actually get compliments that it looks like ombre). I don’t know why I didn’t really suspect that anything was up, after last year’s debacle. I suppose I’m gullible and take things at face value. If you told me ‘we’re going shopping’ then I’m damn convinced we’re going shopping xD

I’m not exactly a beauty guru, and I don’t often wear makeup, but the makeover itself was quite fun (I suppose that would be the way to describe it). I’ve had my makeup done once by Bobbi Brown, but it was much quicker and less thorough (probably because it was free). They did my make up quite thoroughly at Shu Umera (boy the eyeliner part was so uncomfortable – I’ve never had anyone touch my eyes so closely in my life), and the make over did take about 90 minutes or more to complete. I was also allowed to choose $90 worth of product afterwards to take home, so I chose a blush, primer and eyeliner and paid any excess myself.

Shu Umera

By this time I was panicking, like “what about bowling?!” LOL we’re going to be late!! To accomodate for the makeover surprise, Kim and Connie had asked everyone to come a bit later for bowling regardless of whatever time I had said.

One mistake I did not prepare for was for the bowling to be fully booked out. Well, it was Saturday night, but I had expected there to be at least 1-2 alleys not occupied. I remember checking online for booking and Strike required an upfront payment, which, among six people would have amounted to $300 or so. I had decided against paying upfront, should anyone change their mind and because it seemed unreasonable to ask guests to make a deposit upfront to secure a spot. I’d been relying on rocking up to the bowling alley, but that hadn’t worked.

I remember feeling awful and like I’d disappointed everyone by promising bowling, but then not being able to play like I’d expected. Luckily, my friends were largely quite receptive and did not think much of it and told me it was perfectly okay. We spent the next half an hour sitting awkwardly in an empty table upstairs in the food court in Emporium chatting to pass the time until we could go to our dinner, booked at White Tomato at 7.30pm.

I found myself apologising again when I realised the table the restaurant had gave us was going to be really cramped for 14 people, despite my telling them how many people I was expecting to join me. There wasn’t really much I could do, but tell everyone to huddle up bit closer (haha fail XP). There also seemed to be many other large groups in the restaurant and other people also celebrating their restaurant. Cheers to Viv for helping me find White Tomato – I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a place that catered for a large group without hiring a venue (which I obviously do not have the funds for :p), but aside from being slightly cramped, White Tomato had been a good venue choice.

Everyone ordered heaps of Korean food and BBQ and the whole table was packed. I thought we wouldn’t be able to finish, but everyone managed to prove me wrong somehow and I only had to take home a single box of leftovers at the end of the night.

My friends surprised me yet again by brining along a cake – which I had initially decided to neglect (since I was expecting bowling and it would be quite tricky to bring a cake with my the whole day – but seriously, who is crazy enough to hold a birthday without cake? *raises hands guiltily* me).

The cake was from LuxBite, and it was a Rilakuma cake. It was the most adorable thing ever, but it suddenly turned into a horror movie when I cut it open (you can judge for yourself, seeing my friend’s snap story commentary on my cake cutting skills. It’s not easy to cut a cake in fourteen slices evenly, I tell you. Besides I suck at maths and fractions. Cut me some slack.

The cake seems chocolate from the outside, but it was actually banana flavoured and creamy on the inside. I loved it, because it was not too sweet, but just the right amount.


Finally we all took some snaps on our phones and my polaroid and we called it a night since it was getting late and it was cold outside.


Thank you everyone for joining me on my special day (even if this post is 1000 years late)! Thank you for spoiling me and making me feel like the luckiest girl on this planet.

Have you had your birthday yet this year? How did you celebrate it? How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?



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