April Playlist

Welcome to this month’s angsty, emotional playlist.

I find that I’m posting these playlists later and later through the months, since I underestimate how much time I have to blog on top of the other busy things I’ve been up to (mostly uni haha). This is kind of a bad habit, so I’ll need to work on that more!

I’ve been watching some Netflix series lately – and I tuned in to see 13 Reasons Why (no surprise really haha). I’ve been seeing people tweet all about the show and been seeing advertisements before YouTube videos so naturally I was curious to see what it was about. I must say, it was quite addicting and also an interesting series that allowed me to see life from the point of view of a deceased character with mental illness. Some scenes were quite distressing, hence the trigger warnings before some episodes. I know 13 Reasons Why is hugely popular among many, but is a show that is quite controversial – some slam it for what they claim to be inaccurate depictions of mental health and suicide  and others worry that it glamourises suicide among young people. [MILD SPOILERS BELOW]

My feelings towards the series varied quite a bit – sometimes I felt that Hannah was being manipulative and petty for leaving the tapes, sometimes I felt the series was too dramatic or overblown, but most of the time I sympathised with Hannah. Mental illness is a serious issue and one that people should be more aware of. I think the show does raise some awareness of mental illness and suicide in the community, but not necessarily in an accurate way, since the show is highly dramatised.  I felt crushed when Hannah described her helplessness and loneliness. She constantly felt she was not good enough for Clay and beat herself up over guilt for what happened happened to Jessica and Jeff to to point that she felt she didn’t deserve to live. It isn’t a single reason that pushed Hannah over the edge, but a range of reasons. Even the smallest actions or things affected Hannah, to the point that she was overwhelmed and made a decision to end her life – as she describes it – the butterfly affect, or chaos theory; that – that even the flap of a butterfly’s wings could spark a hurricane.

Whatever we agree or disagree upon, I think we can all admit that 13 Reasons Why has a damn good soundtrack – some of which I’ve incorporated to my playlist this month. I like some of the vintage sounding tunes – it kind of reminded me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the abundance of retro and vintage in that film.

I’m going to stop talking about films and shows now before this becomes a full blown essay. Hope you enjoy the songs  have chosen! 🙂

  1. Lord Huron – The Night We Met
  2. Isaiah – It’s Gotta Be You
  3. Sheppard – Keep Me Crazy
  4. Chromatics – Into The Black
  5. Thrupence – Rinse Repeat
  6. The Script – Flares
  7. The PAPER KITES – Woodland
  8. Billie Eilish – Bored
  9. Chet Faker – Gold
  10. L D R U – To Be Free 
  11. RUFUS – You Were Right
  12. L D R U – Next To You feat. Savoi (No Way Back Remix)
  13. R3hab – Trouble ft. VÉRITÉ

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