March Playlist

== March Playlist | Monthly Music Roundup ==

March has been one hell of a ride.

In some respects, it truly has been hell on earth.

I came back to Melbourne after spending two weeks in Hong Kong and spent the first day of the academic year back at uni vomiting my guts out because of food poisoning.

The weather has been utterly oppressive – the heat soared well above normal Autumn conditions and we were all struggling through the heatwave, trying not to lose our sanity, while dabbing away at the sweat dripping off our brows – praying, for some inkling of cool change to come our way.

Then the London Attacks happened. I woke up, and it was a normal morning – I would get dressed, gobble down my cereal and climb onto the bus to uni, half-asleep, and snooze through another few lectures – except, it wasn’t. News of the devastating terrorist attacks reached us – I was horrified – I thought of the attacks that had occurred closer to home, just in Janurary, and the Sydney siege in 2014 – and once again I was saddened to hear of the senseless loss of life. Anger was rising slowly within me, a bubble waiting to burst.

Things have been extremely busy back at home – already I’m struggling to balance my work, uni, extra-curricular and staying healthy. This is the busiest semester I’ve ever had. Handwork pays off though. And it feels good to be productive.

Things actually haven’t been all that bad

This month I started my YouTube channel by releasing my travel vlogs and footage of my adventure in Hong Kong. If you haven’t checked it out already – well, where on earth have you been?

I got to participate in a mooting competition or a mock trial run by our Law Students Society – and even though we didn’t make the quarterfinals and beyond, we were pushed to our limits with regards to time management, research, argumentative and analytical skills. It was definitely an enlightening experience, and I took away invaluable skills and wisdom through that trial. One thing’s for sure – I’d like to steer clear of becoming a barrister for a career, at all costs.

I joined the badminton club at uni and things have been going great. We convene every Friday for practice and get to challenge different players from all different skill levels and backgrounds. I’m no badminton expert – actually I’m pretty horrible at most sports in general – but joining has been an amazing way to keep healthy, de-stress, have some fun and make new friends! Really, it’s the only thing getting me up in the morning on Fridays.

Also, I finished watching Season 1 of Stranger Things, and now I’m watching Riverdale, and I’m hooked.

I’ve probably rambled on for too long, and you’re no doubt getting impatient and just want to listen to the music. I won’t stop you.

  1. The Paper Kites – Bloom
  2. The Chainsmokers – Paris
  3. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  4. Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast OST
  5. TWICE – One in a Million 
  6. Sundial – your text
  7. Jasmine Thompson – I Try
  8. Uncle Jed – Say It
  9. Astrid S. – Hurts So Good
  10. TWICE – Melting (Ice Cream)
  11. That Poppy – Lowlife
  12. Vallis Alps – East
  13. Dean Lewis – Waves
  14. Chord Overstreet – Hold On

I hope you enjoyed this months playlist (and didn’t mind my rambling).

Take care.




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