I’m starting a YouTube channel!

This is mostly a life update post to keep everyone up to score with where I am at the moment. The last three weeks have been totally hectic and I haven’t really had a chance to post on my blog as much as I wanted. So, here we are! Lot’s up exciting new things and announcements I want to share with you all! (I’m so sorry it took so long to be able to update things, by the way.)

Towards the end of February, I flew back to Hong Kong with my mum and spent two weeks visiting relatives, sightseeing and eating and shopping. Hong Kong is basically like a home away from home to me. It’s such a lively, bustling megacity with lots to see and do and most important of all its where a lot of my extended family are from. I only get a chance to go back once every few years so naturally I was delighted to be able to escape from the mundane blur of life in Melbourne for a bit and step into another city and enjoy the ambience and culture. I actually took along my camera and managed to capture a massive amount of footage of my trip (heck, I even needed to by a new SD card on the way – but luckily the electronics market is highly affordable, with an amazing selection of choice over there), which brings us to the title of this post – yes, I am planning to start a YouTube channel!

I wanted to share with you all the places I saw and the things I got up to whilst in Hong Kong in a series of travel vlogs and blog posts. I’ve never vlogged before, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a bore for everyone watching, but it’s something I’ve sort of wanted to try out for a while now. My channel name is Enyiie – I haven’t posted any footage yet, but don’t be afraid to subscribe in advance to keep updated.

It’s been so hectic that I haven’t had time to edit the footage since I got back home in Melbourne, let alone even unpack my suitcase – a new academic year at uni has started, and I’ve been given more hours at work, not to mention the awful case of food poisoning I got when I first returned home. I’ve also signed up this year to participate in a mooting competition, which is a common tradition in law schools where students partake in a mock trial on a hypothetical case and put forth oral arguments based on legal reasoning and statute – kind of like a debate! I’m in the middle of conducting all my research on the case (even though I’ll probably get my ass kicked – considering it’s my first time ever doing something like mooting), and it’s already been quite time consuming. Anyhow, I will still make some time to post updates every now and then and edit the vlog footage so you guys can indulge in the delights of travelling and trekking around in Asia.

Hope you are all well – will keep you all posted soon!

xx Enyiie


2 thoughts on “I’m starting a YouTube channel!

  1. Good luck with your video blog.

    I am using the term moot in two different senses in a blog I am now in the process of revision. In the first use the meaning is as you are using it – to debate. The second sense is something that lacks relevance, which is usually what people mean when they say something is moot. It pays to understand what sense is being use to avoid confusion in a discussion.

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    1. Thank you, Steven. Yes, it is rather interesting (and confusing) when a word has two completely different meanings. As you have correctly pointed out, I am referring to the word in the ‘debating’ sense – more specifically, it is a term used in law to refer to a mock trial for academic or competitive purposes. We using the term ‘mooting’ rather loosely and colloquially at uni. I hope I haven’t caused any confusion in my post.


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