February Playlist

Another month has flown by – can’t believe it’s a week into February already. This month’s playlist is filled with sloppy, romantic songs since Valentine’s Day is coming up. Whether you have a date or not, I hope you treat yourself well this year and remember that a little bit of self-care goes a long way. As for me, I’ll be travelling back to Hong Kong and spending my V-Day with my family and relatives in a reunion filled with food, adventures and lots of shopping. I’m really excited to be heading back soon, since its been three years since I’ve flown back to Hong Kong, and its basically my home away from home.

Some of my playlist has been influenced by what I’ve been watching recently. I’ve included Another Day of Sun from the La La Land soundtrack, which I saw in cinemas a few weeks ago. I did really enjoy the film, and it brought back so many raw emotions, feelings and nostalgia of watching older musicals, such as West Side Story and Grease. I remember disliking the ending at first, but now that I think about it, whatever might have transpired, Mia and Sebastian became better people, living much more successful and fulfilling lives after they met and isn’t that what true love is about? I encourage you to see La La Land if you haven’t yet, as it is definitely worth a watch and has stunning visuals and music! I can’t believe how much effort must have gone into production and practising, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are amazingly talented actors and they definitely deserved the awards they did for their performance

I’m also watching the K-Drama Goblin, which is where Chanyeol and Punch’s Stay with me come into the playlist. To be honest, I have never really kept up to date with K-Dramas but Goblin has been pretty good so far. It’s finished airing already, but seeing how much of a slowpoke I am, I might not be finished with it for quite a while 😀

  1. La La Land OST – Another Day of Sun
  2. Lucy Rose – Shiver 
  3. Oh Wonder – Without You
  4. Paramore – The Only Exception
  5. Chanyeol, Punch – Stay With Me 
  6. Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl
  7. U2 – With Or Without You
  8. Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller – The Way
  9. OneRepublic – Come Home
  10. Passion Pit – Carried Away
  11. Enrique Iglesias – Hero
  12. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
  13. La La Land OST – Mia and Sebastian’s Theme
  14. Katy Perry – Unconditionally
  15. George Michael – Careless Whisper
  16. Jason Mraz – Love Someone
  17. Mike Perry, Shy Martin – The Ocean 
  18. Turning Page – Sleeping At Last

I’m sorry if this month’s playlist was too soppy for your liking XD Next month’s will be a regular playlist!

What are you doing this VDay? Do you have any favourite romantic songs?

xx Enyiie


2 thoughts on “February Playlist

    1. Thank you for dropping a comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the playlist – I’m hoping to make a new one soon, for March. Take care, 😀 xx Enyiie

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