April Playlist

Welcome to this month’s angsty, emotional playlist. I find that I’m posting these playlists later and later through the months, since I underestimate how much time I have to blog on top of the other busy things I’ve been up to (mostly uni haha). This is kind of a bad habit, so I’ll need to … More April Playlist

Everest Demystified? | Into Thin Air Book Review

In June 1924, mountaineer George Leigh Mallory decided he wanted to climb Everest a third time, after two failed attempts to mount the summit. He and his companion, Andrew Irvine, set off from Advanced Base Camp and began their rapid descent up the formidable slopes. At 12:50 on June 8, the weather cleared momentarily, and … More Everest Demystified? | Into Thin Air Book Review

March Playlist

== March Playlist | Monthly Music Roundup == March has been one hell of a ride. In some respects, it truly has been hell on earth. I came back to Melbourne after spending two weeks in Hong Kong and spent the first day of the academic year back at uni vomiting my guts out because … More March Playlist